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Why use promotional products?

Promotional products offer long-term benefits, such as motivation and recognition, that extend way beyond the idea of goodwill.

Years ago, when companies purchased promotional items, there was often a feeling of bribery attached to the gift. The idea was, I'm giving this to you so that when you need something, you will come to me for it - sort of an understanding of an obligation down the road. In a sense, it was a way to establish "goodwill" with a business partner.

Today, businesses are smarter. Promotional products are no longer just thought of in terms of the goodwill they yield, but in the solutions they provide. Businesses are no longer willing to just spend on advertising, every penny that is expended has to be calculated to produce a return on investment.

This doesn't mean that companies don't have goodwill in mind when deciding how to spend their advertising budget, it's just that goodwill is not enough. Goodwill is the constant. It's always a part of it. It is the one basic starting point for every promotion.

If you give a promotional item with a basic message, the goodwill is the basic starting point. A program is nothing more than getting the particulars in place to get the message delivered.

Getting that message delivered cost efficiently is where promotional products work best. All other advertising involves waste. Promotional products are a targeted medium so the goodwill and the message get to the very person for whom it was intended.

If half of your advertising was wasted, then that means the half that did get to the potential customer has a heavier burden on it to meet the goal of the return on investment. With promotional products, since most can be directed, the burden of the return is far less.