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Incentive & Award Products

The unique and highly customisable products are amongst other things are perfect as corporate gifts & awards, paper weights, promotional products, trophies, presentation & service awards, and giftware.

Experienced 3D designers create 3-dimensional artwork to order. From simple logos and text to complex mechanical and architectural models, design options are only limited by your imagination.

Create something unique for your next corporate presentation, the exceptional quality and detail of the final product will leave the recipient in awe and will guarantee that it remains a talking point for many years to come.

State of the art Laser Technology

The advanced laser system accurately reproduces the 3D artwork inside solid optical crystal, resulting in incredibly realistic 3D designs that can be picked up, turned around and viewed from every angle.

The subsurface engraving process does not disturb the surface of the crystal, so the artwork will never fade or deteriorate.

 Patented Process

Proudly Australian owned and operated, our products are designed and manufactured in Australia. The process of Sub-surface laser engraving is Patented technology is exclusive within Australia. Aust. Patent No. 654,287. The patent covers both locally produced and imported pre-lasered products.